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To create a fair and friendly job search environment with equal information to create a win-win situation for companies and job seekers

We specialize in mid-to-high-level talent hunting in the IT industry, but not limited to this perspective; currently we assist mobile phones, games, cloud, AI, virtual reality companies, the Internet, digital media and other companies to find excellent talents in different fields, such as, IT, public relations, marketing, human resources and business.

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With cross-platform promotion and professional consultants recruiting talents, we can effectively improve recruitment efficiency and help companies find suitable talents.

Provide one-click website services, from job openings browsing, information of companies to submission of resumes , and under the guidance of career consultants, experience the feeling of “Jobs echo to me”.

After confirming the needs, we will provide a customized talent search plan for companies, and evaluate market trends to recommend the most suitable talents; at the same time, we will assist job seekers in job matching and career consultation for free.

Assist in tracking the latest status of candidates recommended by consultants, resume status, interview process, etc., integrate multi-party recruitment platforms, import talent resumes, and thus facilitating management.


Service of Consultants

Professional knowledge, service attitude and satisfaction of efficiency all make the candidates highly satisfied and constantly praised.


Candidate Selection

Recommend matching candidates in consideration of company ideas.



Have a good and long-term relationship with the companies and continue to cooperate

Niche Bridge has been devoting time and effort to the human resource market for over 5 years.

Our leading team has more than 10 years of human resource / headhunting experience and deep IT industry background.

Why Work With Us

Core Value

Winner Seo Master

Humanity-Oriented Service

Top Social Media Agencies


Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers


Award National

Everyone takes their own role and is willing to help each other

Specialized in talent hunting in IT industry and job transfer consulting x Familiar with the market and senior background, speed up the match between enterprises and job seekers

We’re A True Partner

In addition to the open job vacancies on the website, companies that have worked with us privately for many years and have a good reputation also provide us with exclusive job vacancies.

This allows us not only to talk about salary doubling benefits for candidates, but also to accurately grasp the market pulse, attract a large number of middle and high-level talents and cooperate with companies vacancies, as we are deeply trusted by the industry

Network Maintenance

With long-term concern for talent demand and long-term career cooperation, and through clear division of labor, we work together to “create a win-win situation between companies and talents”. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide job opportunities, but also to help job seekers find jobs that meet their own expertise and interests.

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“The team at Niche Bridge Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

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Melissa Dean

Career Consultant Expert

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