It seems that it has always been successful during the interview, why do you just cannot get the offer letter?

During the interview, when you talk passionately on the stage, but the listener down the stage looks out the window or always looks down, then no matter whether you are confident or not during the interview, the interviewer probably just lacks interest in you. Usually when both sides are satisfied with each other, even if there is no interaction, they both will affirm each other through their eyes and actions.


How to know whether the interviewer is interested in your speech?

  • Effective and attractive communication can actually be felt through the tones, small movements and expressions of both sides. If the interviewer says he/she is very interested in your experience, but his/her tone is flat and straightforward, and he/she even blinks or rubs his/her temples, which means probably he/she is just trying to be polite; nevertheless, if you can see the bright smile on his/her face during the conversation, perhaps you do catch his/her eyes.

  • If you can tell that the interviewer is yawning and even checking the time from time to time during the interview, we would suggest you change the way you talk directly or deliver a more attractive speech. If you find out that the interviewer’s eyes are slowly focusing on you or some other slight change of expression on his/her face, it means that you have successfully pulled the interviewer’s attention back. However, if the situation remains the same, you may have to continue to change your tone, and even review what went wrong after the interview.

Signs of interview failure

  • The interviewer tells you that, “We would refer to your resume and inform you for further notice once possible.”

  • Yawning, rubbing eyes, squinting eyes and flat tone, they all mean that the interviewer may not be interested in you.

    Reminder: the above mentioned reactions should be judged by the real situation, sometimes the interviewers are just tired.


How to judge whether you have caught the interviewer’s attention?

1. Clearly ask the interviewer for the arrangement of your next interview/step.

Although it sounds like an indispensable process for an interview, it means that the interviewer wants to know you more and cares about whether there are other interview arrangements.

2. The interviewer answers your questions positively.

When the interviewer is interested in you, and he/she would be more willing to answer any kinds of questions while explaining them for more for you. You can find out from the conversation that the interviewer constantly introduces the advantages of the position to you. In addition to the general job description, the interviewer will use more positive words to attract you and describe the future development specifically.

3. When it comes to the expected salary and the exact on-board time.

It would be a good start when the interviewer has discussed the questions above with you during the first round of the interview, which means that the interviewer is satisfied with your performance to a certain extent, since usually salary and other benefits would be discussed in the next or further arrangement/interview.

4. Interviewer introduces you to others or you shows you around the office.

If the interviewer is willing to actively introduce you to the company’s colleagues, or show you around the interior, it is a very obvious act of trying to be nice. Generally, the interviewer will not spend too much time on the unsuitable person, which means the successful rate of the interview will increase significantly at this moment.

5. Make phone calls to your references.

This action can be interpreted as: you have done pretty well today during the interview, they hope to further confirm whether you are suitable or verify your past experience with the references you have provided.

Although the above behaviors in this article is for reference only, if it is in line with your situation, it is certain that you have a high chance of being accepted, and the interviewer’s willingness to spend time on you also means that you are worthy. In addition to words and voices, communication also includes body language, so before the end of the interview, you still have to observe the clues shown by the interviewer to form an overall impression and then sort it out. No matter what the final response you get, you must maintain the attitude you should have during the interview. Please remember to say thank you after the interview.


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