Having troubles choosing between offers? You should think about 5 points as the following.

It is nice to receive an offer after the interview. However, people often feel challenged to make decisions among the offers if they receive more than one. Someone is even more afraid to make a wrong decision choosing one that is not suitable. Although jobs can be changed due to many factors, it is strongly NOT recommended to switch a job every two or three months. Thus, how to choose wisely and get the most suitable job?

Whether you are at the stage of choosing an offer or seeking out other new opportunities, we would recommend you to read this article carefully so that you could make the right decision for yourself.

Bsaic evalution for an offer

Before choosing an offer, please take a moment to think:

  • Are you interested in the job description?

  • Is the culture of the workplace suitable for you?

  • Is the industry and the job fit to your career plan

Using the following questions to screen your offers, you may have some guidance to make your decision.

Furthermore, if you would like to make your choice and less likely to be regretted, you may check these 5 points as follows:

First, The company’s future

Not only should you consider whether the job aligns with your career plan, but you should evaluate the company’s future development and the industry trend. If you’ve heard some issues about the company, such as operation difficulty, financial problems, high turnover rate, etc., you may want to think twice about joining this company. Such a company may not provide stable career development for you in a short period, and it is more likely to fall into a vicious circle in business operations. Apparently, it is not a good opportunity.

Second, Get to know your colleagues and the culture of the workplace

Colleagues/teammates in the workplace are also significant in your working life, no matter if your working type depends on team collaboration/performance or not. Good teammates can help you grow in your job, inspire your work efficiency and morale, and enhance your skills and professionals. On the other hand, bad teammates may influence team performance and cause a negative culture in the workplace, bringing a detrimental effect to the team. The culture of the workplace can seriously affect your account and the chance of promotion. Positive teammates and working culture stimulate your personal growth, allowing you to reveal your best potentials in work, while a hostile environment may impede your career development. Therefore, if possible, knowing your teammates, supervisors, the culture of working, and the dynamics in the workplace in advance may help you make a proper choice for your job selection.

Third, Competencies and competitiveness

In any field of work, everyone hopes to enhance someone’s competencies instead of just using what they have learned. Some people even want to grow cross-functionally. Besides devoting your ambition and efforts, you can also check whether the company provides resources for internal growth. Also, you can take the competitiveness of the company’s products or services into consideration. Either internal or external competition can become a driving force for individuals or teams to grow.

Fourth, Job description

Some people may be possessed by the glory of the “Job Title.” However, in most cases, what really matters in your work life is the actual “Job Content.” After all, the job content is what you actually need to perform on and defines whether you like the job. Thus, it is recommended to evaluate the job content carefully and its possible extensions to ensure your interest in the position, rather than entangled with the “Job Title” when choosing offers.

Fifth, Salary

It is materialized but practical when talking about salaries. Although the salary may fluctuate based on your previous experience and the salary structures in the company, it usually would drop in a predictable range depending on the profession and the industry. Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate whether the salary level and benefits offered by the company are reasonable in the market, while also putting the job’s future development into consideration. Don’t let go of a great opportunity simply because of a slight deviation of the salary, especially when you really like the job! Furthermore, If growing your career is your top priority, you don’t need to limit yourself by only using the salary level to choose among offers. Thinking more about which opportunity could be more advantageous for your professional/career development may be a wiser way in job selection.

There always could be more factors than these five points to consider when choosing between offers. These five points, extracted by Niche Bridge from its abundant service experience, are essential in the job/offer selection. Other factors, such as working hours, transportation, location, etc., can also be included in the evaluation based on the personal situation.

As the old saying goes, everyone should be responsible for his/her choice. When choosing offers, please do listen carefully to your inner voice!

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