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Providing the service that is more than talent hunting and matching

Emphasize the balance between talents and companies to achieve effective communication and rapid recruitment results.

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  • Independent talent database, latest talent information

  • Professional background, familiar with industry and market trends

  • Highly trusted service, widely recommended by clients

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Our website revenue has increased by over 210% in only 9 months.

Richard Taylor

Founder & CEO of Hermisferio

Our Clients

Not only Taiwanese companies, but also many well-known multinational corporations

Create good recruitment results together by cooperating with Niche Bridge Team

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Assisting companies to achieve the most effective recruitment within a limited time has always been JECHO’s goal

The flow of talents is a normal phenomenon, but it is not so easy to find the suitable talents to fill in the job vacancies immediately. When there is a large demand for recruitment, recruiting each new talent is literally like a race against time. Due to the understanding of the urgency of companies’ talent seeking, our services have always had many advantages and are highly recognized.

Core Values

Humanity-oriented service, meet the needs of customers and talents, create a win-win situation.

Network Maintenance

Pay close attention to talent demand and establish long-term career cooperation plan.

Candidate Selection

Recommend matching candidates in consideration of company idea.


Winner Seo Master

Winner Seo Master MAGT Smart Start Award 2017

Top Social Media Agencies

Top Social Media Agencies Next Partner 2018

Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

10 Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers 2019

Award National

National Excellence Agencie Award Winner 2020

“Report to the company regularly to discuss the latest requirements and progress. At the same time, integrate information with internal consultants every week to ensure that both sides are on the same page, and ensure that all information is not missed. What we provide to companies is not only the most appropriate talent information, but also the regular tracking and the establishment of a two-way communication bridge between companies and talents.”

Andreas Casey

Career Consultant Expert

Our Strengths

During the recruitment process, we also have a marketing team to assist in the introduction of companies, promotion of job vacancies, and establish direct connections with talents, which is impressive. Because of the above-mentioned specialties, our team has repeatedly assisted the companies in doing the quick matching and thus successfully hiring the suitable talents within one week.

We equip marketing leaders

Our Leading team has 10 + years of professional background in the field of HR and IT, and can understand all the problems during recruitments from the perspective of companies and job seekers right away, analyze the different situations and give suggestions. Each consultant is not only familiar with industry technology, but also has a good understanding of the client team. In addition to providing opinions on different aspects, they would also build a bridge between job seekers and the companies.

Familiar with job market and talent information, able to grasp the megatrends, and seek the most suitable talents based on the companies’ culture. Since job matching is not limited to domestic and foreign, we always pay attention to the latest news and grasp global information. We pay attention to the news of various industries, even update and release them from time to time while providing the latest news/status of companies and talents.

In response to the needs of the companies, the consultant will actively search for suitable talents and carry out the first stage of screening, strictly and patiently check the candidates for the companies; when facing suitable talents, their resume will be revised, emphasize the highlights of the resume, showing the consistency with the recruiting companies, and thus assisting the companies with saving the time for communicating with talents back and forth.

With the development of the market, the Niche Bridge team has an independent talent database, and has created an exclusive database system to update the talents’ information regularly and improve the content of the data so that different industries and different job vacancies can be filled with the right suitable talents in a short time.

High number of candidates

Professional knowledge and headhunting of specialists within the IT and technology industry, finding perfect candidates for you.


Increase your hiring

Companies can recruit high-level candidates that fit the requirement under the strict selection of our consultants.

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What problem are you trying to solve?

How many free users does JECHO ATS open for each company?2022-03-29T10:15:03+08:00

Technically, we would open up 3 users to each company. If you have more needs, please feel free to talk in detail.

What are the differences in recruitment plans and fees?2022-03-29T10:15:03+08:00

At present, there are two recruitment plans: one is recruitment through headhunting consultants, and the other is posting job vacancies through JECHO.ME. The two kinds of charge plan will be mainly based on the discussable contract.

What type of job or industry talent is suitable for recruitment through Niche bridge?2022-03-29T10:15:04+08:00

Niche bridge’s recruitment mainly includes the IT industry, but not limited to others.
Recently, we have cooperated with many start-up teams, public relations and marketing, education, traditional industries and other types of companies, we all receive good reviews from them.

In addition to recruitment services, what else can Niche Bridge offer?2022-03-29T10:15:05+08:00

Accurately understand the current greatest competitiveness of the industry and talents, and obtain the true evaluation of the companies in the industry from an objective perspective.

Are there any cooperation restrictions for recruiting through JECHO.ME ?2022-03-29T10:15:05+08:00

After confirmation of cooperation, as long as the relevant information is provided, including the company introduction, event photos and other exact needs, the JECHO team will promote and expose according to the relevant needs.

Can I use JECHO.ME and JECHO RECRUIT services at the same time?2022-03-29T10:15:06+08:00

Yes, both recruitment plans can be integrated according to customized needs.

How is JECHO ATS different from other similar systems?2022-03-29T10:15:06+08:00

It can mainly be used with the recruitment service of Niche bridge, and directly contact the consultant in charge to update the latest progress, so as to reduce the phenomenon of missing information.

How can I find a precise candidate?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

Through our headhunting service, we can find the candidate you want

What’s the difference between Niche Bridge and other headhunter companies?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

During the process of matchmaking, we will ensure the suitability of the candidate matches with the job description. In addition to job matchmaking, we also establish a long-term good relationship with job seekers.

What exactly Jecho ATS can do?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

Jecho ATS can track your candidates, process status and arrange interview schedules.

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During the recruitment process, we also have a marketing team to assist in the introduction of companies, promotion of job vacancies, and establish direct connections with talents, which is impressive. Because of the above-mentioned specialties, JECHO team has repeatedly assisted the companies in doing the quick matching and thus successfully hiring the suitable talents within one week.

Melissa Dean Client
Melissa Dean

Career Consultant Expert