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    What problem are you trying to solve?

    How many free users does JECHO ATS open for each company?2022-03-29T10:15:03+08:00

    Technically, we would open up 3 users to each company. If you have more needs, please feel free to talk in detail.

    What are the differences in recruitment plans and fees?2022-03-29T10:15:03+08:00

    At present, there are two recruitment plans: one is recruitment through headhunting consultants, and the other is posting job vacancies through JECHO.ME. The two kinds of charge plan will be mainly based on the discussable contract.

    What type of job or industry talent is suitable for recruitment through Niche bridge?2022-03-29T10:15:04+08:00

    Niche bridge’s recruitment mainly includes the IT industry, but not limited to others.
    Recently, we have cooperated with many start-up teams, public relations and marketing, education, traditional industries and other types of companies, we all receive good reviews from them.

    In addition to recruitment services, what else can Niche Bridge offer?2022-03-29T10:15:05+08:00

    Accurately understand the current greatest competitiveness of the industry and talents, and obtain the true evaluation of the companies in the industry from an objective perspective.

    Are there any cooperation restrictions for recruiting through JECHO.ME ?2022-03-29T10:15:05+08:00

    After confirmation of cooperation, as long as the relevant information is provided, including the company introduction, event photos and other exact needs, the JECHO team will promote and expose according to the relevant needs.

    Can I use JECHO.ME and JECHO RECRUIT services at the same time?2022-03-29T10:15:06+08:00

    Yes, both recruitment plans can be integrated according to customized needs.

    How is JECHO ATS different from other similar systems?2022-03-29T10:15:06+08:00

    It can mainly be used with the recruitment service of Niche bridge, and directly contact the consultant in charge to update the latest progress, so as to reduce the phenomenon of missing information.

    How can I find a precise candidate?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

    Through our headhunting service, we can find the candidate you want

    What’s the difference between Niche Bridge and other headhunter companies?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

    During the process of matchmaking, we will ensure the suitability of the candidate matches with the job description. In addition to job matchmaking, we also establish a long-term good relationship with job seekers.

    What exactly Jecho ATS can do?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

    Jecho ATS can track your candidates, process status and arrange interview schedules.