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“Niche Bridge is always up to date with the changes of recruiting market, following everything that’s happening.”

George Anderson

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    What problem are you trying to solve?

    How can I find a precise candidate?2021-05-10T12:43:27+08:00

    Through our headhunting service, we can find the candidate you want

    What’s the difference between JECHO’s service and other general hunting firm?2021-05-10T12:43:27+08:00

    We ‘ll make sure that every vacancy meets the expectation of our candidates before sending their resumes.
    Not only does JECHO find suitable jobs for candidates, but also wish to maintain long-term relation with them.

    What exactly Jecho ATS can do?2021-05-10T12:43:28+08:00

    Jecho ATS can track your candidates, process status and arrange interview schedules.