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Applicant Tracking System


The best applicant tracking system to track all applications, help organize talent search, and more

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Corporate Partners

We focus on IT industry recruitment, but not limited to

System integration

Start collaborative recruitment with JECHO ATS

We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

Customize the tracking system to meet the customer’s recruitment process

Different from other headhunters’ cut-throat competition, JECHO focuses more on creating win-win situation between companies and candidates.

Our leaders have 10+ years of HR/headhunting experience and solid IT industrial background. We can grasp market trend precisely and appeal cooperation with more companies and high-level candidates.

Analysis Recruiting Plans

You can trace the interviews and offers easily with graphic report analysis


Show the detail of applicant

Job Positions

Connect with applicants


Arrange the schedule


Show the recruiting results

Grow your interview

Our consultants are professional with IT industry knowledge, finding perfect candidates for you.


Increase your hiring

Companies can recruit high-level candidates that fit the requirement under strict check of our consultants.

Sales Chart


Quality Satisfaction

Our customer is highly command on our results.


Dedicated Talent Pool

We are focus and dedicated on IT industry.



We also try our best to fit each customer’s requirement.

“The team at Niche Bridge Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our recruit potential. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

Andreas Casey

One – HR

How many free users does JECHO ATS open for each company?2022-03-29T10:15:03+08:00

Technically, we would open up 3 users to each company. If you have more needs, please feel free to talk in detail.

How is JECHO ATS different from other similar systems?2022-03-29T10:15:06+08:00

It can mainly be used with the recruitment service of Niche bridge, and directly contact the consultant in charge to update the latest progress, so as to reduce the phenomenon of missing information.

What exactly Jecho ATS can do?2022-03-29T10:15:24+08:00

Jecho ATS can track your candidates, process status and arrange interview schedules.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Niche Bridge cooperates with international high-quality companies and build a recruit solutions that specializes in IT industry recruitment.

“The team at Niche Bridge is fabulous. They helped us unlock our recruit potential. 30% employees of our new regional office were recruited through Niche Bridge.”

George Anderson

World Wide Company CEO

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