Business strategy of Niche Bridge

Niche Bridge has a number of elite consultants. Most of them not only have been deeply engaged in the headhunting market for many years, but also have a lot of practical experience of the IT industry with a rich human resources background. In addition to being able to grasp the needs of the companies immediately, consultants can present their greatest professionalism, give priority to solving doubts for candidates, help the companies to establish a good company image, and thus increase the brownie points.

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Collecting feedbacks

Continuous candidates recommendation

“More than just recruiters, we are your career consultants.”

Team working

The Process

At the same time of receiving the recruitment demand from the companies, the consultants will search through Niche Bridge’s talents database system based on the relevant conditions right away, and then make good use of different ways to find suitable talents for further screening and matching.

In the meantime, Niche Bridge’s consultants will strictly control the selection of all candidates, not only based on the appropriateness of the job vacancy as the starting point but also follow the companies’ philosophy and culture. After getting in touch with the candidates via telephone more than once, meeting, and even face-to-face interviews, they will further understand the candidates’ career planning and interest, and thus obtain confirmations of submission statements, so as to ensure that the candidates’ intention and background are coherent with the job description.

The consultants would understand the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses via interviewing and thus assist in revising their resume, highlighting their advantages. When the recruiting companies browse the resumes of candidates, they can screen them in the shortest time and invite the appropriate candidates to attend the interviews.

In order to ensure that we have the same cognition with the companies, and lower the possibility of communication errors, unifies the contact person for the human resource recruiters of the companies and allocates relevant professional consultants for different fields. In addition to quickly finding talents for corresponding positions during the recruitment, we also help companies to contact and communicate with talents, confirm interview time and all information. We also ensure that we have a solid contact person that companies could contact and deal with any kinds of problems, so that the companies and us could both save time for communication without worrying no one to assist.

Grow your interview

Professional knowledge, great experience in recruitment and headhunting of specialists within the IT and technology industry.


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Companies can recruit high-level candidates that fit the requirement under strict check of our consultants.

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After the interview, in addition to asking for feedback from the talents, and keeping in touch with the companies, we would collect the reviews and if there is still left to be improved, and even clarify the needs of both sides and continue to recommend the suitable candidates.

By collecting reviews from the candidates and companies, both could be more conducive to understanding each other, clarifying needs and  improving the recommendation process, providing each recruiting company with the most suitable recruitment process, and thus assisting relevant needs to achieve the most effective recruitment optimization.

Unlike other headhunting companies, Niche Bridge never recommends arbitrarily for the purpose of meeting the performance standards, nor upload a large number of unqualified resumes for the purpose of increasing the number of resumes; or directly deliver resumes without the consent of job seekers. Regardless of whether it is for recommending candidates or revising resumes, we provide our services with the greatest professionalism. What we hope to do is not only recommending candidates for companies, but become the preferred partner between companies and talents.

Melissa Dean Client
Niche Bridge Team