Brief Discussion of Customized Resume

“When I was a student, I had a part-time job at a restaurant for about 2 years, I was very familiar with the food as well as the speed we served the dishes. Throughout my 4 years in university, in addition to getting various certifications, I used to be class cadre, and I tried to build connections among my classmates. Since I really liked my campus, I chose to be the assistant of the office of our department. Besides the general affairs, I was quite familiar with the SOP and rules of my university. Because of my role, I was able to get the immediate information of related competitions, I teamed up with my classmates to join and win many competitions. Therefore, I believe I would be a good and energetic partner when it comes to teamwork.”
Applying for: Frontend Engineer

The team of Niche Bridge often finds out a problem during the process of revising resumes – the first draft of the resume is like the total of past experiences. There were so many feelings inside the story, but we often can’t understand the connection between the story and the job position that the candidate wants to apply for. Though it seems abundant, the proportion of content and overall structure are still left to adjust. Therefore, it is very important for you to do the “customized” transformation for your resume.

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About “Customization”

“Customization” doesn’t mean you need to retouch your resumes or make your resumes have significant differences. It means your resumes should be presented in different ways based on different job vacancies and companies, to make your resume meet the requirements of companies and job vacancies at utmost. As for the importance of a customized resume, aside from making you become the chosen one for the companies and showing your strong ambition, it can make you have a higher possibility of receiving the offer. It is the skill that you must have!

We have listed 3 steps for customizing resumes as the following, so that we could help candidates customize their resumes easily!

  • The First Step, check your past experiences

In order to improve a system, engineers usually build a database; It is the same as sorting out past experiences, list all experiences, and set up an own database to make your own experiences clear at a glance.

Then you can spend some time getting more information about the company’s culture and its future development, then reviewing whether your ability and expectations meet are in line with the company and also highlighting them. The description should be short and in a reverse chronological order. If you don’t know how to get started, you can also include the relevant experiences in the past, like internships, competitions, etc.

  • The Second Step, distinguish hard power and soft power

What is hard power? Hard power refers to skills that can be quantified and accumulated through learning methods and workplace experience, such as foreign language ability, degree certificates, professional skills, etc. Soft power is a subjective skill that is harder to quantify, such as: communication, integrity, problem-solving ability, teamwork spirit, etc.

On your resume, you should focus on emphasizing on your hard power, showing your own ability, and appropriately bringing out your soft power that you are very matching with the company’s job vacancy while highlighting that you are the most appropriate person. Most companies will screen candidates based on their experience and abilities in the first stage, and then select them based on their personality traits. However, there are some exceptions. In addition to being related to the position, some companies will describe the skills and traits needy for the position at the beginning, so the proportion of both your soft and hard power can be adjusted appropriately when writing your resume. (The most important thing is you should try to get familiar with companies’ culture before submitting your resume; or, you can understand what the recruiting companies really need via the feedback of intervTiewing.)

  • The Third Step, Job vacancy keywords/skills, traits

You can write a great resume regardless of past experience, but you need to find out the keywords first. Such as the example of resume at the beginning of this article, “ I teamed up with my classmates to join and win many competitions… I would be a good and energetic partner when it comes to teamwork.” Though it seems to be a very ordinary team experience, if this position is a team vacancy, it can strengthen the advantages of job seekers. (It is necessary to modify the words, not just to describe yourself as an excellent partner, but to explain why you are a good partner in two or three sentences.)

If you are currently seeking out jobs, you are welcomed to provide your resume or contact information, our consultants will contact you directly.

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